Three months of 2023 flew by like a blink of an eye, during which many things happened. Markets recovered and regained their positions, and the cryptocurrency sphere became a new impetus for development and spread. Regulators in different countries also began to pay attention to cryptocurrencies and discuss specific solutions and ways to regulate them. However, a series of bank failures in the US and banking problems in Switzerland and Germany have had a serious impact on the banking sector, the economy, and cryptocurrencies. Contrary to many expectations, cryptocurrencies have proven to be more reliable than some banks, and the background of problems has only strengthened the position of cryptocurrencies.

PointPay has also developed positively over the past three months. Last year we completed a major and important phase of global redesign of our platform, and we are facing 2023 with a completely new platform to develop and improve.

Over the past three months, our team has done great success and is ready to present to you the results of the first quarter of 2023 PointPay!


  • Updated deposits scan and monitoring services, which help to update users balance faster;
  • Improved the process to recover users’ errors missing MemoID or Tag in their withdrawal requests, which help to restore user balance accurately and faster;
  • Developed additional monitoring to improve the customer support team operations.


  • Implemented a “Regular” page in CryptoBank, within which we consolidated all activities related to the main account. By eliminating other flow, we obtained a simple, clear and convenient interface;
  • Refactored and tested a number of parts of CryptoBank and Payment System, which increased reliability and simplified support;
  • Added regular verification of Buy Sell orders by partners, which will avoid a number of problems when receiving funds from partners and accelerate the completion of the payment;
  • Launched Circle ACH. This integration allows US citizens to buy USDC token at a very favorable rate through ACH payments;
  • Made showing only available payment systems to the user based on their IP, profile country and allowed or banned countries for specific payment systems. This allowed filtering out a payment systems that were not suitable for the user, which simplified the user's path.


  • a new seamless Mercuryo flow on Buy Sell, in which the user does not need to go through KYC on the partner side. It's enough to have a KYC in PointPay. Such an implementation simplifies buying and selling cryptocurrency, and unlocks the work of secure card storage on the PointPay side;
  • a double 2FA. Users can now increase the level of security by enabling both email and Google Authenticator confirmation for authorization and financial transactions at the same time;


  • setting up a statistics service and collecting data from CryptoBank, which will allow us to build analytics for businesses and users;
  • work on the Buy Sell business dashboard in Grafana, which displays key metrics for the service's performance;
  • updates to the CryptoBank and Buy Sell FAQs to make it even easier for users to take targeted actions.


  • Significantly enhanced the market trading chart refresh.


  • accuracy and performance of Order book;
  • order matching performance, which helps with order execution.

Mobile Apps


  • Redesigned the Deposit, Quick Exchange, and Transfer flows as part of the application interface update;
  • Released double 2FA. Users can now increase security by enabling both email and Google Authenticator confirmation for authorization and financial transactions;
  • Completed an 80% redesign of the ‘withdrawal by address’ flow, which will improve the user experience and make the in-app experience more user-friendly.


  • Added a display of accuracy in the Order Book on the exchange.


  • Implemented displaying PXP level;
  • Released 2 updates on Launchpad. Sales can now be made in multiple rounds with different conditions;
  • Significantly improved the quality of the application and simplified a number of flows.


  • History tab to make it easier for the user to navigate the past trades;
  • search for pairs on the exchange to simplify the flow.


  • Improved design of the CryptoBank's header and global menu, placing information about user levels and a convenient tab for viewing the balance with the possibility to hide it from prying eyes;
  • Complete redesign of the user levels, added display of the current level and output of the additional benefits for each level;
  • Updated and expanded the FAQ for all products;
  • Significantly improved the reliability and stability of the KYC backend. We've changed the process of launching automatic commands that synchronize KYC levels with users, so that the level in the system always corresponds to the passed verification;
  • Separated all the frontend functionality into UI Kit packages, migrated, Payment and Launchpad products to UI Kit to further improve speed and quality of development;
  • Completely stabilized, fixed issues when navigating between product pages so the user stays within the US domain;
  • Enabled SSR-side caching for, Payment, and Launchpad products, which cut page load time in half.


  • API Management functionality, which allows generating API keys so that users can automate the trading process;
  • User Onboarding functionality.


  • Added the ability to hold a token sale in multiple rounds. Each round is a different set of cryptocurrencies and a different price.

These are all the changes to the PointPay platform in the first few months of this year. However, we are not stopping and by early summer we will be transforming PointPay even more with new features, improvements and much more that you will be hearing about in the coming months!

PointPay is gaining momentum and will soon be unstoppable! Stay with us and follow the news, many interesting things are waiting for you!