Recently, the entire PointPay platform underwent a comprehensive update, with many aspects, including the appearance and functionality of most pages, sections, and features, being improved and enhanced.

Today, we are excited to introduce the upgraded version of Launchpad. During the global update, we invested significant effort into revamping this crucial part of our platform, and now we have brought the transformation to completion.

The Launchpad has undergone a series of changes, including:

  • A new design that optimizes space and makes the process of interacting with Launchpad and its activities much simpler and more intuitive.
  • Enhanced technical capabilities, providing our team with more options to customize various activity parameters, such as the number of rounds, tokens, participation conditions, sale methods, activity types, and much more!

Let's go step by step. On July 10th, the Launchpad section of the PointPay platform will be updated and fully operational. As always, you can access it through the following link:

Upon entering the section, users will see a screen displaying all the current activities in which they can participate. The primary information for each activity is available on its card, but for detailed information, you can click the blue arrow.

Inside the card, you will find the information we collected from the project during the activity launch, such as:

  • Links to the project's website and other communication tools (messengers, social media, etc.).
  • Whitepaper and tokenomics.
  • Project team members.
  • Other relevant information, documents, etc.

In addition to that, each activity comes with its own set of conditions and limitations, including soft and hard caps, currency restrictions for investment, and purchase limits.

If a user decides to participate in an activity and, for example, purchase a token or coin, they can do so directly from the activity card. There will be a dedicated button with the corresponding label. Clicking on it will open a purchase window where you can enter the desired amount of tokens and confirm the transaction.

In these transactions, as well as in activities overall, PointPay acts as a guarantor between the user and the project. This means that only projects that have passed our verification and meet the criteria can be featured on the Launchpad.

Once a transaction is completed, the activity will also be marked in a special section called "Launchpad Board." This new screen on the dashboard allows you to track the status of activities in which you have already participated.

In this section, you can find current information about the activity (dates, price, your token holdings, status), as well as claim your tokens from completed activities.

However, it's important to note that claiming tokens immediately after an activity may not always be possible. At PointPay, we have implemented activities with a vesting feature. In such cases, the acquired tokens belong to you, but according to the conditions, they are locked for a specified period (weeks, months, etc.). These activities are displayed in a separate "Vesting" tab, and you can claim your tokens once they are unfrozen!

Please be aware that the vesting period is determined based on various factors, such as activity conditions, the amount of tokens purchased, the project's stage of development, and more. Make sure to carefully review the project information on the card before taking any action!

Soon, the first activities will be available on the updated Launchpad! To stay informed and not miss out, follow our media channels and keep an eye on the Launchpad itself. We are confident that you will find it appealing!

Thank you for your continued support.

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