PointPay team is ready to announce the listing of BTCZ coin on PointPay platform on February 8, 2023. After the listing, PointPay users will be able to trade, exchange, store and transfer the asset to other users.

Bitcoin Z (BTCZ) is a project created by anonymous developers and supported by the community and volunteers. In order to maximize availability, the creators have decided that BTCZ coins can only be mined, as well as reduced commissions on the network as much as possible through a special algorithm.

BTCZ operates on its own blockchain, which has a block time of 2.5 minutes. Also, the blockchain runs on a special ASIC algorithm, which makes it profitable to mine only on GPUs.

In addition, BTCZ has a number of other features:

  • 100% community-driven

The project was created by anonymous developers and is managed and modified by the community and volunteer developers. The project has no company, no CEO, and no owner.

  • Available to everyone

No pre-ownership, premine, ICO, forkdrops, instamine. All BTCZ coins are generated by mining only. With 21 billion maximum supply and a special algorithm of fee formation, commissions in the blockchain are almost 0.

  • Optional privacy

BitcoinZ provides users with strong optional privacy based on Zk-snarks cryptography. Users can choose to use transparent addresses (t) or private addresses (z).

  • Follow BTC

BTCZ, like BTC, has a strictly limited amount of coins and pre-determined blockchain rewards that decrease every 4 years. Because of this, BTCZ follows a proven and reliable operating structure with no speculative tricks.

  • Proven by time

The BTCZ project was launched in 2017, and has experienced ups and downs. Today, it has a stable and active community that has been gathered and developed over the years.

Open Source

The community of developers follows the idea of cryptocurrencies, so the entire project code is available to any user on GitHub. Maximum openness and transparency.

Starting from February 8, BTCZ coin will be listed on PointPay platform within the cooperation between PointPay and BitcoinZ. On the same day you will be able to trade, exchange and perform other operations with the asset.

If you want to know more about BTCZ, you can visit the project website here!

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