Dear PointPay Family,

We would like your Monday to start with good news. We believe that the way you start the week sets the tone for the rest of it.

That’s why we have prepared a special Monday Update to inform you about what we have achieved today and over the weekend. The platform development never stops!

Mobile App Development 🤖🍏

For iOS mobile applications

  • Improved Customer Support screen;
  • Developed badges displaying local currency and the number of connected devices on the Profile screen;
  • Developed history screen for transaction details;
  • Improved cryptocurrency transfers between accounts (in the old design).
  • Finished Login with the QR code.

Worked on the development of Classic exchange components:

  • Cryptocurrency charts;
  • Order book;
  • List of trades;
  • Open orders;
  • Order history;
  • Selection of the favorite trading pair;
  • Market orders;
  • Limit orders;
  • Stop-limit orders.

Integrated ability to

  • Hide zero balances;
  • Share transaction details.

For Android mobile applications

  • Developed Exchange base screen;
  • Developed getting a list of pairs via REST API;
  • Integrated formation of a list of filters and display of a list of pairs according to these filters;
  • Introduced exchange module navigation;
  • Developed the information screen for pairs with Details, Open Orders, History tabs.

Added the display of

  • the cryptocurrency pair quotes and price changes on the details tabs;
  • the list of open orders received via REST API with the possibility to cancel the order;
  • order history received via REST API;
  • Developed Buy and Sell screens with the ability to create a buy and sell order;
  • Integrated base classes are needed for a manager that supports working with sockets;
  • Finalizing cryptocurrency transfers between accounts as a part of the redesign.

Core Development

  • Performed load testing for the unified balances service;
  • Launched implementation of Unified Balances library for Quick Exchange at the optcode level;
  • Redesigned security processes for withdrawals.

Exchange Development 💱

  • Released order book service to read order books from the matcher, filter them by available precisions, and send them to the front-end;
  • Improved Open, High, Low, Close, Volume (OHLCV) service to display candles and charts;
  • Supported the mobile team to integrate with the Exchange API.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Completed the PCI DSS Questionnaire;
  • Worked on enabling withdrawals when selling crypto through the Payment System on the Payment Gateway;
  • Write technical specifications for a new flow of buying crypto;
  • Learned the Prime Trust API;
  • Worked on the UML sequence diagram for buying and selling crypto;
  • Implemented a dashboard with business indicators Payment System.

We are also happy to invite you to our monthly PointPay AMA session on Thursday, April 28 at 18:00 СЕТ/10:00 PT. We’ll be sharing details about the development of the PointPay platform and are eager to hear your feedback. You can submit your question by April 27, 16:00 СЕТ/07:00 PT, via this link.

This week also featured a new interview of PointPay’s CEO — Vladimir Kardapotsev, with the Finance Strategists website. Vlad discussed what separates PointPay from competitors and our ambitious plan for the next five years. He also shared his thoughts on the background and insights gained from running the business. You can access the full article on the Finance Strategists website.

We are looking forward to impressing you with our development progress this Friday!

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