Dear PointPay Family,

We are motivated, determined, and ready to push ahead to provide you with updates on our progress. We added new cryptocurrencies to the Unified Balance, CryptoBank, and Exchange, made improvements to mobile apps, updated Live Roadmap, updated integration with the Itez payment system, and much more. Check out our update from Monday for more information and details!

Mobile App Development 🍏

For iOS mobile application

  • Implemented an updated switch between candle/line charts in the Exchange flow;
  • Updated interval values according to the changes made on the Exchange side in the Exchange flow;
  • Improved UI display of the Market tab;
  • Improved dashboard opening performance;
  • Implemented the Details tab.

For Android mobile application

  • Changed text for KYC;
  • Implemented viewing information on CryptoLoans;
  • Implemented the transition to a CryptoLoan.

Withdrawals Development ⬇️

  • Added new cryptocurrencies to the Unified Balance, CryptoBank, and Exchange;
  • Updated integration settings in FireBlocks and approval rules in BitGO.

Crypto Bank Development 🏦

  • Set limits for Gift Cards for new cryptocurrencies. New cryptocurrencies have become available for donation;
  • Transferred the cryptobank frontend to NPM 8 and NODE 8;
  • Improved work with the number of decimal places for cryptocurrencies in CryptoLoans.

Payment System Development πŸ’³

  • Updated integration with the Itez payment system in the Buy Crypto process;
  • Completed the development of integration with the ENOT payment provider.

Interface Development πŸ’»

  • Added a button click freeze when sending a message about finding a bug after the first click to avoid duplication;
  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Implemented an interactive plate for buying/selling cryptocurrency on the main page;
  • Set up sending an SNS event after creating an account using a smartphone;
  • Optimized the API for document read confirmation;
  • Customized the Sign Out button in Safari.

Launchboard Development πŸ“ˆ

  • Added 3 additional metrics to Voting records.

P2P Development πŸ”

  • Designed a card for one ad;
  • Implemented a list of ads;
  • Added β€œcollateral” balance check;
  • Integrated an API for selecting currencies at step 2 when creating an ad.

Escrow Platform Development πŸ“š

  • Launched Escrow core allocation for use on multiple services.

HR Platform Development πŸ‘₯

  • Completed a study on the implementation of full-text search.

Please note that the PointPay ecosystem has undergone some major changesβ€Šβ€”β€Šwe have transitioned to the Unified Balance System. This means that all account addresses in the PointPay system have changed, and all old addresses are now invalid.

To ensure the security of your funds, please do not use old addresses when depositing your funds. We are not responsible for any loss incurred due to the usage of old wallet addresses. Thank you!

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