Dear PointPay Family,
We're excited to get back to work on Monday. We continue to update our services, such as PointPay CryptoBank and mobile applications, to reflect changes in the Unified Balance. A lot of developments have been implemented in the PointPay HR platform. We've made changes to the logic of creating contracts, among other things. In our Monday Update, you can check a complete list of what we've accomplished so far.

Mobile App Development 🍏

For iOS and Android mobile applications

  • Implemented updated PNL analytics according to changes in the Unified Balance.

CryptoBank Development 🏦

  • Improved output of transaction status;
  • Adapted balance receipt, withdrawal, transfers between Saving and Checking according to the Unified balance.

Payment System Development 💳

  • Integrated the new payment provider Enot into the backend.

Exchange Development 💱


  • performance of Open, High, Low, Close, Volume (OHLCV) service to display candles and graphs with sufficient frequency;
  • display of graphs by color;
  • market, limit and stop-limit orders.

Withdrawals Development 🔄

  • Completed the first stage of integration testing between CryptoBank and United Balance;
  • Identified additional improvements in the data exchange between CryptoBank and the Unified Balance;
  • Completed improvements to the Unified Balance library;
  • Generated over 8000 wallets in FireBlocks.

HR Platform Development 👥

  • Changed the logic of creating a contract. Now employers create contracts and offer them to employees;
  • Improved the display of lists of contracts;
  • Improved the performance of attaching a file to a contract;
  • Hide nicknames with asterisks;
  • Adapted the chat header when choosing a native language.

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