From its inception in 2018, PointPay aimed to make cryptocurrency accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. We aim to provide every person with Internet access and the ability to participate in the new digital economy.

PointPay ecosystem is a one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency needs. Our goal is to make PointPay as convenient as possible for you: whether you're buying or selling cryptocurrency or just storing your assets — we want you to know that there's always an option that works for you.

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the core elements of our platform. PointPay offers three interfaces for cryptocurrency exchange – Classic, Advanced and Quick Exchange. Classic and Advanced versions are designed for experienced traders, while Quick Exchange offers simplified functionality.

We are constantly working to improve the user experience by adding new order types or improving the exchange performance.

We are glad to announce that we have added new trading pairs to the PointPay exchange! We believe this will allow us to broaden our offer and make it more convenient for you to trade your favorite coins and tokens.

What pairs will become available?

Five new trading pairs will be added to the PointPay platform:

  • 1inch/USDT;
  • and SHIB/USDT.

When will new pairs become available?

THETA, 1inch, DOGE, ADA, and SHIB are available for trade on PointPay's exchange. These tokens have already been added to PointPay CryptoBank. Now you can deposit, store, withdraw, earn interest, and trade new assets.

We're working hard to bring you the very best in traditional financial services and cutting-edge technologies, all under one roof. We offer you the chance to trade your way to success with our wide range of cryptocurrency services. Trade on our highly liquid cryptocurrency exchange and enjoy a broad range of trading instruments and order types, so you can trade efficiently.

Enjoy new trading pairs on the PointPay exchange, and expand your investment opportunities!

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