We are excited to announce the launch of the new PointPay Mobile App. We have been working hard to provide you with a better user experience and make your interaction with our services more convenient.

The updated app interface will allow you to easily navigate through the menu and access our services with just a few taps. The new mobile application will not include all features yet:

  • The new version of the Android app will include the Dashboard & Profile and Payments sections of our platform, as well as a new authorization/registration flow.
  • For the iOS app, a new dashboard and profile interface will be added next week.

Let’s explore the new features of this interface together!

New Dashboard & Profile Mobile Interface

We have combined all settings in one place so you can easily manage them. Just click on your username on the left side of the screen and you will find all the necessary tools to manage your account!

Here you can change your customise your account settings.

In the profile section, you will be able to contact customer support, read more about PointPay, and find FAQ material.

New Payments Interface

Now the payment section has been given a modern look as well: the interface is simpler and more intuitive, which will help you perform your operations in a matter of seconds. Here you can send and receive cryptocurrency transfers, buy and sell cryptocurrency at the exchange rate, as well as swap it for another cryptocurrency.

We have updated the flow of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, making them even more convenient. We’ve also redesigned the Quick exchange flow, and now this feature is available in the app again!

On the payment screen, you can easily send or receive cryptocurrencies to a wallet address or via email.

In the new payments section, the function of sending invoices has become simple and clear. This is a great opportunity for customers who bill for their services. Now you can easily send an invoice to your client and get paid for your work in cryptocurrency.

New Onboarding & Authorization Flow

We want to make our product as easy, convenient and clear as possible for a wide range of users. Therefore, we implemented a new and convenient onboarding and authorization flow in the new mobile app. This was achieved by reducing the number of steps required and placing them on a single screen. The design has also been updated to provide additional clarity.

Now, during registration, users can create an account via email, accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and set up a passport and additional security measures in a few simple steps.

What’s next?

We’ve worked hard to develop a new mobile application, which we hope will make your experience with our product even more pleasant. The application contains the main functionality, as we’ve rushed to share with you the latest updates. We are continuing to work on the PointPay mobile app and hope you will be able to evaluate it in the near future.

We value your feedback, so please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement!