It's the last Thursday of this month, May 25th, which means it's time for the traditional AMA session with PointPay CEO. The session will be conducted as a live stream on the PointPay YouTube channel at 18:00 CET/09:00 PT. You can access the channel using this link.

This time, Vladimir Kardapoltsev will be shedding light on a multitude of announcements regarding future updates and changes to PointPay. Tune in to the live stream to be among the first to learn about the upcoming developments! Additionally, alongside the announcements, Vladimir will also delve into the current state of affairs in the world and the crypto sphere. He will discuss the potential US default, exchange litigations with the SEC, and much more.

As always, after the session, we will address the questions you have submitted and continue to send us through the dedicated form. We carefully select the best questions, and Vladimir Kardapoltsev will personally answer them during the live stream. Some of the confirmed topics include:

  • PointPay's potential and priorities;
  • Trading pairs on the exchange;
  • Notable events in the crypto sphere;
  • Functionality and security of KYC systems and wallets;
  • And much more!

Your question could also be featured in the live stream. Submit your question through the special form and join the live stream today at 18:00 CET/09:00 PT. The link to the live stream will be provided a few hours before it begins!

We look forward to your participation!