Dear PointPay family,

Have you been wondering about PointPay's latest developments? We are announcing an AMA session to answer your questions about PointPay. Come and share your most burning inquiries about our blockchain-based platform.

On the agenda is last month's results. We will discuss what has been done and what results have been achieved.

At the next meeting, we will talk about the Pitbull token's recent listing on Launchboard. The vote was successful, showing that the community is interested in this activity format. We will congratulate the Pitbull team and discuss the voting process with you.

We will discuss our recent developments in this AMA session, especially commission payments integration into the PXP. This new feature perfectly complements the existing fee discounts for existing PXPs in the account. We want to know your vision and share our opinion on the matter.

Finally, we’re going to discuss the results of our recent community surveys: one about PointPay’s Roadmap 2023 and the other about new currencies that can be added to the PointPay currency exchange. We collected and analyzed your answers and are ready to discuss them with you!

You have the chance to get the inside scoop on PointPay. Submit your questions, and we'll answer some of them at the meetup! You have until Wednesday, 27 October, 19:00 СЕТ/10:00 PT.

We'll post a link to the AMA on our official channels a few hours before it begins. So keep an eye on our social media channels!

See you next Thursday!

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