We are thrilled to present the latest release of our website and mobile application! After several years of continuous improvement, we have taken the next leap forward to provide you with an enhanced user experience.

While the current Android and iOS application, as well as website, has undergone numerous updates to enhance functionality, visual appeal, usability, and performance, we encountered limitations that stemmed from the initial development phase. The chosen technology stack no longer aligns with current industry standards and our evolving needs. These accumulated issues and constraints have posed challenges, making it increasingly difficult to maintain and evolve the platform over time. As a result, we have made the decision to rebuild the website and applications from the ground up.

Our team embarked on the development of the new version of the platform, utilizing a modern and up-to-date technology stack that aligns with current industry trends and empowers us to implement our envisioned features seamlessly. With a clear understanding of the required functionalities, we have optimized the codebase, efficiently integrated the existing features, and laid a solid foundation for future enhancements.

Beyond under-the-hood improvements, we have meticulously redesigned the interfaces to ensure a more intuitive and fluid user experience. Our team has analyzed user interactions, studied existing data, and created an interface that not only offers enhanced comfort and speed, but also remains highly responsive and user-friendly.

In addition to these transformative changes, we are excited to introduce a range of exciting new features that are sure to delight you!

New App

We are thrilled to introduce a completely revamped application that caters to the needs of every user! We have overhauled not only the technical components but also the entire interface, resulting in a lightning-fast, seamless, and incredibly user-friendly app. Furthermore, the application now encompasses the full range of functionality available on our website. Feel free to use whichever platform suits your preferences.

We are especially excited about the new exchange interface. Conducting transactions from your mobile device is now not only swift but also remarkably convenient! All the essential buttons are consistently visible and easily accessible, ensuring that the most crucial information is within sight or just a couple of taps away.

Payment System

Our foremost focus was on revamping the payment system, starting from scratch. We were dissatisfied with the system's current speed and its limitations in terms of scalability and modification capabilities. By completely rebuilding it, we were able to significantly reduce loading times, optimize the entire process of interacting with the service, and seamlessly integrate it into the services from a technical perspective.

New Matching ID

Matching ID is a technology that operates on PC, Android (GAID) and iOS (IDFA) systems, allowing companies to gather statistical data. Primarily, this pertains to tracking link clicks that redirect users to external resources or PointPay services that are not directly accessible within the platform.

Previously, we had a similar system in place that provided some information, such as the number of clicks and device technical data. However, due to development-related errors, this service did not function as effectively as desired.

To address this, we decided to rebuild and upgrade the system to align with current requirements. We discontinued the use of the old system, as it was deemed outdated and no longer capable of meeting our needs. In its place, we introduced the new Matching ID, which not only fulfills our requirements but also has the potential for deeper integration into the platform and the collection of more detailed and valuable information.

New Payment Terminals

While working on the new payment system, we recognized the need to enhance related functionalities. Our attention turned to the payment terminal, which, although adequate, had a "Lite" feel to it. To rectify this, we first focused on deep optimization and restructuring to improve performance and fault tolerance. Additionally, we dedicated efforts to refining the interfaces, resulting in faster operation and improved responsiveness.

We are particularly excited that our efforts not only improved and optimized the existing service but also introduced new payment terminals, expanding the available range of options and granting users greater freedom of choice and additional capabilities. Furthermore, our new development approach enables us to add more payment terminals in the future as the platform grows and accommodates the needs of new users.

Change of KYC Provider

Many of you may already be familiar with the MICA legislation passed in April 2023, which aims to regulate all cryptocurrencies in Europe. As a lawful and registered service provider, PointPay holds a valid license in the EU, specifically in Lithuania, enabling us to offer our services legally across the entire European region.

In light of the newly implemented regulations, which have undergone significant enhancements and expansions compared to previous versions, we are required to reinitiate the license acquisition process. However, the new legislation imposes stricter measures on data collection and the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Consequently, we will soon be transitioning to a more rigorous KYC provider that aligns with the current requirements.

For our users, this transition will primarily involve the need to undergo the KYC process again, following which they can continue to enjoy all the existing and new features provided by PointPay without any interruption.

New Wallet Addresses

The extensive restructuring of our systems and approaches inevitably brings about certain consequences. One such consequence is the necessity to transition from the current addresses to new ones, a process that will be carried out in the near future. We will announce the exact dates at a later time.

The decision to change all the PointPay addresses was motivated by our evolving data management practices, development strategies, and significant technological advancements. Additionally, we have optimized and revamped our database, leading to the need for a new data storage format.

Rest assured, the process of migrating to the new payment addresses will be conducted efficiently and will not require any action from our users. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for everyone.

However, we advise you to exercise caution. Once the address change is implemented, any funds sent to the old addresses will be irretrievable. Therefore, we urge you to verify the addresses before making any transactions and to use autofill features judiciously.

PXP Unstaking

We have devoted considerable effort to enhancing our Staking and Savings systems. We have refined our calculation methods, information processing, and data collection to deliver faster and more precise services. This enables us to continually improve these features with utmost convenience.

During the system update, it will be necessary to conduct an unstaking process for PXP tokens currently held within the system. Rest assured, all tokens will be promptly returned to their respective owners right after the update. Moreover, some days following the update, which is essential for necessary calculations, we will also distribute the corresponding staking rewards. In essence, you won't experience any loss whatsoever! Should you wish to continue staking, simply log into the platform and stake your tokens once again.


As we mentioned before, the website and application underwent substantial optimization through a comprehensive overhaul and the adoption of a new technological stack, enabling us to explore new development possibilities. Prior to introducing services and features to our users, extensive testing is conducted to showcase the results of our efforts. The platform follows a similar approach, involving meticulous testing and the availability of data on the outcomes.

During real-world testing, we achieved a remarkable tenfold increase in the platform's performance speed. In other words, the app and site now loads, transitions between screens, and executes operations ten times faster than before. This extraordinary achievement significantly enhances the user experience when working with the new version of PointPay.

User Base

While focusing on improving speed and optimization, we have also prioritized the reliability of the platform. We are confident that in the near future, millions of users worldwide will be benefiting from our services, and it is imperative that we serve them promptly and flawlessly.

To meet this ambitious objective, we have significantly bolstered the stability of the application and website. PointPay can now seamlessly accommodate up to one million concurrent users. In practical terms, if each user spends an average of 10 minutes per day conducting their operations, PointPay can cater to a staggering 144,000,000 users in a single day. Only the top nine countries can boast such a substantial user base. This means that we are fully equipped to offer our services to a global audience!

New Exchange interface

Introducing our new exchange interface, featuring advanced matching logic, diverse order types, and an upgraded trading terminal. Experience a professional and streamlined trading environment like never before.

Our improved matching logic ensures fast execution and efficient trade settlements. Stay updated on real-time market opportunities, keeping you ahead of the curve and maximizing your trading potential.

Our enhanced trading terminal offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, empowering traders of all levels. Access detailed market data, customizable charts, and technical analysis indicators to make informed trading decisions with ease.

Try it out for yourself!

The overall platform, including website and mobile application for both Android and iOS devices will be available soon. It brings enhanced speed, convenience, and new possibilities that were previously unavailable. Don't miss out on this opportunity; upgrade to the new version for the ultimate user experience!

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