A new month has just begun, and we're already excited to present you with new assets and various trading pairs on PointPay! All additions are designed to diversify user portfolios and offer even more choices.

New Cryptocurrencies

Let's start with completely new cryptocurrencies that have just arrived on PointPay. Here, we have two exciting assets, already available on the exchange paired with both USDT and USDC!

AKRO - Akropolis

Akropolis is a decentralized asset management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. This project empowers users to create and manage their own investment portfolios, as well as delegate asset management to other participants in the network. Key features of Akropolis include its decentralized nature, modular structure, and transparency of all operations recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform utilizes its native AKRO token for paying transaction fees and participating in the project's governance.

ACH - Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay is a hybrid cryptocurrency payment platform that enables companies and consumers to conduct transactions with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. One of the project's main advantages is its hybrid nature, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Alchemy Pay operates in over 60 countries worldwide and employs cutting-edge security technologies to safeguard user transactions. The native ACH token is used for paying transaction fees on the platform and for receiving discounts on the provided services.

New Trading Pairs

Familiar assets are also ready to surprise you. A number of well-known cryptocurrencies have received an additional trading pair with the USDC stablecoin. Let's list them all:


Now, it's up to the users to decide how to trade these assets! The new pairs and cryptocurrencies are already waiting for you on our exchange, available for trading. Try out the fresh additions yourself!

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