Dear PointPay Family,

Trading digital assets might seem complicated for non-tech-savvy customers as crypto products are still in their infancy. Interface inefficiencies and architecture complexity can cause issues in the user journey.

That is why we have developed an intuitive and user-friendly platform to provide you with the tools you need to trade successfully. We are happy to introduce the new version of the PointPay crypto exchange design! The classic design option will still be available, but we are planning to improve it by the end of Q4 2021.

In this article, we will guide you step by step through the advanced web interface of our exchange.

The PointPay platform will now have three types of interfaces — classic, advanced and quick exchange. The “Advanced Exchange” offers a seamless and user-friendly user experience, “Classic exchange” is suitable for both advanced traders and for users who want to trade in a familiar interface. “Quick Exchange” allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through a simplified exchange function.

Let’s walk through the advanced web interface

The new web version of the PointPay exchange has been streamlined and restructured. The trading chart has been moved to the left side, while the order form is now placed on the right side. This improves and redirects the user flow from left to right.

Classic interface design
Advanced interface design

Tradingview is used for displaying the data as in the previous version. You can use advanced settings for your convenience, such as changing the chart’s time frame or type or adding a trading indicator.

To draw a trend line or use other graphical elements on the chart, simply click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the chart.

In the new design, we removed the ability to change the display style of the candles, the background color, or your time zone, simplifying the user interface.

Previously, you were able to switch between trading pairs on the left side of the screen.

Now you will be able to change the trading pair by clicking the button at the top of the chart.

You can also change the display of the trading pairs by clicking on the “+” in the upper left corner.

You can type the trading instrument in the search bar or switch between pairs by using one of the suggested buttons on the left, added specifically for your convenience.

Data on a trading instrument, such as price, percentage of price change, trading volume, price minimum, and maximum for the last 24 hours, in both versions, is located above the chart.

Classic interface design
Advanced interface design

Previously, you had to scroll down to see the trading and order books. In the new version, we have simplified the structure: the order and trades books are now located to the right of the trading pair chart.

You can easily switch between orders and trades. If you click on the button to the right of the order book, you can change the order book view and tick size.

Previously, the information about the number of trading commissions was located above the order placement form.

In the new interface, you will see your trading commission next to the “Buy” or “Sell” button at the bottom of the order form. Remember, that PXP token holders can also lower trading fees on the PointPay platform.

In the older version, you had to scroll to the bottom of the screen to see your open orders and order history. In the new interface, this information is placed under the chart of the trading pair.

Let’s summarize features of the advanced web interface

The new design version of the PointPay exchange has all the necessary features:

  • Support for stablecoins and the most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Multifunctional wallets with easy navigation
  • A simple change of order type and size
  • Transparent trading fees
  • Easy switching between trading pairs.

The new user-friendly interface guides you from left to right from the order chart to the “BUY” button, which changes color for more interactivity.

Furthermore, there is nothing superfluous in the advanced web version — only what you need for easy and successful trading. We also take care of users who are used to the classic design of the PointPay exchange, so we leave it with the same functionality.

At PointPay we are striving to offer advanced features and unique functions valuable to our customers and make your trading process as complete and straightforward as possible. Designing a comprehensive user journey is not an easy process. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to improve the platform interface to suit your needs.

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