The UAE is one of the world's most dynamic and fastest-growing economies and the largest country in the Arabian Gulf region. And Abu Dhabi is one of its key financial centers.

Igor Glavatsky, a PointPay representative, attended Abu Dhabi Finance Week at the Abu Dhabi International Financial Centre in mid-November. The event allowed PointPay to discuss strategic partnerships with global financial institutions. In the following report, Igor shares his impressions of the trip.

ADFW (14–18 Nov 2022)

ADFW itself has been held since 2017. The event focuses on a wide range of financial topics:

  • financial technology & innovation;
  • startups & enterprise;
  • venture funding & investment;
  • asset management & capital markets;
  • economic policy & regulation.
Igor Glavatskiy at the Abu Dhabi Finance Week

Blockchain technology remains a hot topic in the financial world. The event took place throughout the week, but we were most interested in the Fintech and Crypto day sessions.

Every day different speakers took the stage. Among the most recognizable were Changpeng Zhao (Binance), David Chaum (XX Network / Elixrr), Mike Novogratz (Galaxy), and Robert Mitchnick (Blackrock).

For example, David Chaum, an American computer scientist and cryptographer who had a major impact on cryptography and privacy-preserving technologies and is considered a pioneer in the field, gave a speech.

Binance Founder & CEO Changpeng Zhao speech

Mike Novogratz, founder of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, hosted an interview with Changpeng Zhao. During their conversation, CZ shared his opinion on the FTX bankruptcy and outlined potential outcomes for the blockchain industry.

There were many representatives from various companies at the event. I was able to meet with many of them to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Igor with Alex from RNB

For example, I met with a representative from The company offers a whole range of payment solutions for global businesses.

Igor with Diego from

During the event, I attended a series of business meetings at the 2022 Middle East and Africa Summit, which was held nearby.

Igor at 2022 Middle East and Africa Summit

As an innovative company, PointPay attends the most cutting-edge events worldwide. In both cases, I was very pleased with the opportunities that such events opened up: finding new business partners and getting the PointPay name out there. I'm proud to be a part of such an ambitious company as PointPay!

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