Now that you're here, you have some questions about where and how to get the PXP token you need to vote. Don't worry, we'll quickly tell you what you need to do.

  1. So, step one, buy PXP:

The token is available for purchase on the following 7 exchanges, choose the platform that suits your needs the best:



Remember, you need at least 500 PXP to vote!

2. Step two, transfer PXP to your PointPay account:

Now that you have the PXP token in your cryptocurrency wallet (ERC-20), you need to transfer it to your PointPay account. It's important that the PXP is in the "Regular" account!

When transacting currencies, consider the commissions, they vary from platform to platform.

3. Step three, voting:

You have purchased and transferred PXP to your Regular PointPay account. Since this is displayed in the system, you can vote. To do this, go to the voting page and click on the "Stake PXP" button.

You voted!

Congratulations, you did your job and voted. Wait for the results or vote again, there is no limit to the number of votes per person! All tokens will be returned to their owners after voting.

Have a great day and stay with PointPay Family.

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🏦 Remember, we are PointPay, and we are beyond banking!