The United Arab Emirates is a popular place for events related to Web 3 and new technologies. Among sands and hot sun UAE government actively supports new technologies development and gladly hosts guests from all over the world.

In October, two major events related to the crypto world took place in Dubai: World Blockchain Summit (17-19) and Future Innovation Summit (19-20). Head of Business Development & Sales Igor Glavatskiy attended both events as a representative of PointPay. From Igor's further report, we will find out his impressions from the trip.

World Blockchain Summit

This is a noticeable event that takes place worldwide in more than 19 different venues. It brings together those interested in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, from investors to talented developers of various products. An event is an exciting opportunity to discuss the latest news and changes in the industry, as well as upcoming opportunities for business.

The World Blockchain Summit also features a startup competition for the title of best in the world and $1,000,000!

Igor Glavatskiy on World Blockchain Summit

The event was held at the Palm Atlantis, and the organization was done at a high level.

Igor Glavatskiy at the World Blockchain Summit

The event was very rich in various activities. Not only potential but also current PointPay partners were among the planned meetings.

One of them was - a payment gateway that allows PointPay users to top up their crypto balances with their Visa and MasterCards.

Igor Glavatskiy with Igor from Itez

I listened to a lot of impressive stage speeches, among which I could highlight Austin Kimm, Co-Founder and Director of Strategy & Investments of Moreover, I was invited to their private after-party that took place just in the Armani hotel, Burj Khalifa.

I was able to catch up with Coin Liquidity Solutions, who work with clients to build a growth strategy and customize it to their needs; and Choice teams, who provide customers with White-label card solutions in cryptocurrency.

Igor Glavatskiy with Coin Liquidity Solutions & Choice teams

I had a chat with Nina, who works for Elliptic, a company that deals with legal and information support for crypto businesses and financial institutions. The firm enables businesses to mitigate risk and comply with legal regulations.

Since PointPay operates all over the globe, we explore an opportunities of collaboration with Elliptic. A company, that provides blockchain analytics, training, and certification for crypto businesses.

Igor Glavatskiy with Nina from Elliptic

We have also discussed a possible partnership with the Cointelegraph team in the MENA region. Cointelegraph is a leading digital media resource that covers news about the crypto market, blockchain technology, fintech, and next-generation web. This partnership would help us broaden our customer base.

Igor Glavatskiy with the Cointelegraph Mena team

I met with several young and mature projects who expressed interest in listing their tokens on PointPay's exchange as well as launching public token sales on PointPay's Launchboard.

Future Innovation Summit

This event brings together thought leaders in the fields of innovation and experience design. The third annual gathering will take place for two days, and conference participants can choose from a variety of speakers' presentations on topics such as Smart Cities, Metaverse, eSports, Law & Regulation, Frequencies in Space, and many other industries.

The event is attended by more than 200 experts in various fields, 75 international brands, and 3,000 visitors from all over the world.

Igor Glavatskiy on Future Innovation Summit

After the previous event, I went straight to the new one, Future Innovation Summit.

I met and discussed opportunities for cooperation with Eugene from Helion Ventures, a venture investment fund interested in investing in innovative and ambitious projects.

Igor Glavatskiy with Eugene from Helion Ventures

Also, I talked to LUNA PR, one of the most well-known agencies in Crypto. They are professionals who can help build a brand and successfully promote it. This could come in handy for our upcoming marketing campaigns.

Igor Glavatskiy with Chirag from LUNA PR team

A Gala dinner followed the event. Discussions and business meetings flowed smoothly into informal communication in a pleasant dining atmosphere.

I got the chance to meet the FashionTV Gaming Group team. They offer an exclusive license for FashionTV, including casino, sportsbook, lotto, bingo and more.

Igor with a representative of the FashionTV gaming group

I also met Vincent from, a top cryptocurrency exchange with a daily trading volume of $3 billion. We discussed possible listing of PXP token on the platform.

Photo with Vincent from

Overall Impressions

This Autumn, I participated in two leading crypto-related conferences in the MENA region. I was able to establish ties with many different businesses. We spoke with several promising startups about listing of tokens on our Launchboard. We’ve also found opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation with several businesses. These meetings allowed me to gain insight into new technologies and industries, which will help PointPay develop even more than before.

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