Enter the world of PointPay competitions, where each opportunity is not just about trading assets; it's a chance to secure substantial rewards for your skills.

Let's take a moment to reflect on our recent Halloween competition, a festive extravaganza that brought traders together. With a total of 33 prize positions available and a generous $1,000 prize pool, the stakes were notably high. What made this competition stand out was its inclusivity. Every trading pair featuring USDT was in the game, allowing you to explore a wide array of assets across the platform, making it accessible to all.

However, the most intriguing aspect was the spirited competition that transpired for the top positions. Traders from all corners of the globe engaged in a riveting showdown, vying for a share of the substantial prize pool, resulting in an electrifying contest of strategy and skill.

In response to the tremendous interest shown by PointPay's traders in USDT competitions, we are thrilled to announce another engaging contest, where we're upping the ante!

Here's a breakdown of the rules:

  • The competition spans an exciting 14 days, providing ample time for strategic planning and execution.
  • Trading is open for all pairs with USDT, expanding your horizons to a myriad of assets on the platform.
  • The top three prize places are your target, with the champion walking away with $1,000, the runner-up securing $500, and the third-place finisher claiming $300.

The standout feature is that the absolute champion will receive a substantial $1,000, credited directly to their trading account. The overall prize fund amounts to a noteworthy $1,800, setting the stage for a thrilling competition. Are you prepared to embrace this challenge and compete for these enticing prizes?

To become a participant and be part of this exhilarating journey, all you need to do is confirm your involvement on the competition page under the "Trading competitions" tab or by following the link provided: https://exchange.pointpay.io/trading-competition/detail/15

One last piece of advice – keep a close eye on your results! They are updated in real-time on the timer, ensuring you don't miss any opportunities to gain an advantage or monitor your progress towards securing a winning position.

So, there's no time like the present. Dive into the world of PointPay competitions and let your trading skills shine. It's your opportunity to make your mark and claim those substantial rewards. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

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