Amidst the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, PointPay forges ahead, embracing diversity with the arrival of five new assets. Welcome aboard, Loopring, Coin98, Blur Token, WooTrade, and SuperVerse! Together, these assets broaden users' capabilities and significantly diversify the cryptocurrencies available on PointPay. Choose what resonates with you to trade, store, buy and sell!

Woo Network (WOO)

Woo Network spearheads the charge in DeFi interoperability, aiming to unify disparate blockchain ecosystems. It pioneers cross-chain communication, bolstering scalability, security, and seamless asset movement between decentralized applications. The project stands tall as a bridge, facilitating swift and secure interaction between diverse blockchains, fostering a cohesive decentralized financial landscape.

Within the Woo Network, the WOO token operates as the engine fueling the ecosystem's functionalities. This native cryptocurrency powers transactions, governs the network through voting rights, and incentivizes active participation. Staking WOO tokens not only fortifies network security but also offers the potential for users to earn rewards, fostering engagement and alignment within the vibrant Woo Network community.

Blur (BLUR)

Blur Token serves as the cornerstone of privacy within the decentralized landscape. It champions the cause of confidentiality in transactions, elevating privacy standards for users navigating the blockchain realm. With a primary focus on anonymizing financial activities, Blur Token aims to revolutionize privacy features across various blockchain platforms, ensuring secure and discreet transactions for all participants.

Within the Blur ecosystem, the Blur Token plays a pivotal role. It acts as a conduit for ensuring private transactions, enabling users to shield their financial interactions from prying eyes. Holding Blur Tokens empowers individuals to participate in privacy-centric operations and engage with the platform's features while maintaining a heightened level of anonymity, thus promoting a more discreet and confidential blockchain experience.

These assets are now available on the PointPay platform, including our Exchange! Start trading Woo & Blur today!

Loopring (LRC)

Loopring (LRC) is focused on shaping the future of finance through Ethereum's layer 2 (zkRollups), ensuring users experience low-fee, high-speed transactions without compromising security. Their vision empowers users with control over their assets and demonstrates that non-custodial technology matches custodial options in speed and experience. Loopring's protocol ensures top-notch security, relying solely on Ethereum and Zero Knowledge cryptography. The system is designed for businesses, offering enhanced security and reduced regulatory burden. Moreover, Loopring's scalability, reaching up to 1000x Ethereum's throughput, minimizes transaction costs and congestion while maintaining Ethereum-level security.

LRC itself serves as a staking token. 70% of the fees generated by Loopring are distributed among token holders who stake it, enhancing the system's reliability and stability.

Coin98 (C98)

Coin98 Finance is a DeFi project creating a platform for easy access to diverse financial instruments on the blockchain. Their primary goal is to simplify DeFi participation, offering users capabilities for trading, loans, staking, and protocol management using the C98 token. They aim to enhance the DeFi experience, making it more accessible and convenient.

The C98 cryptocurrency plays a pivotal role in the Coin98 ecosystem, serving as a tool for platform interaction. Users can conduct transactions, participate in protocol governance voting, earn through staking, and engage in various network activities. C98 token holders benefit from voting, staking rewards, and participating in various financial operations on the Coin98 platform. They also have the opportunity to influence platform development by expressing preferences and suggestions through voting and protocol governance participation.

SuperVerse (SUPER)

SuperVerse token (SUPER) pioneers innovation within the realm of NFTs and decentralized finance, establishing a bridge between these two ecosystems. It spearheads a movement to democratize access to NFTs, making them more approachable for creators and enthusiasts alike. By combining the power of DeFi with NFTs, SuperVerse aims to streamline the creation, distribution, and utilization of these unique digital assets, fostering a more inclusive and engaging experience for the community.

The SUPER token operates as the cornerstone of the SuperVerse ecosystem, fueling its functionalities and serving as a conduit for various activities. It empowers users to participate in governance decisions, facilitates transactions within the platform, and incentivizes engagement through staking. Holding SUPER tokens offers a gateway to a vibrant ecosystem, enabling users to contribute, govern, and benefit from the evolving world of NFTs and DeFi.

All assets are already listed and available on PointPay! Hurry up to try out the new arrivals!

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