Dear PointPay family,

PointPay always strives to provide users with the widest range of options and variety in all of its products. We regularly study the market to offer new and interesting solutions and opportunities. Recently, our platform has seen the introduction of numerous new cryptocurrencies and trading pairs, which have expanded the boundaries of trading possibilities and enriched traders' portfolios. Now, we intend to provide new opportunities for confident cryptocurrency holders.

Today, on March 18th, PointPay is expanding users' capabilities in terms of asset storage and earning profits from it. Right now, two new assets are available for staking on the platform: Ethereum (ETH) and USDT!

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency. Over time, it, like Bitcoin, has seen significant growth. The ongoing development of the Ethereum project, its blockchain, and ecosystem favorably positions this cryptocurrency for long-term holding. To make investing in ETH even more appealing, PointPay offers to enhance your returns! Stake your ETH at 3% APR to increase your savings. The staking period is 30 days, meaning you will receive rewards for staking every 30 days, progressively increasing your staking amount!

USDT is one of the most popular stablecoins actively used in the community and on the PointPay platform. More than half of the trading pairs on PointPay are linked to USDT. High demand, as well as its peg to the dollar, make USDT an excellent solution for long-term asset storage with minimal risk. And PointPay offers the opportunity to stake USDT with a rewarding 3.5% APR! The staking period is 30 days. Earn rewards every month and manage your assets conveniently!

These two new staking options are designed to give PointPay users even greater opportunities to store their assets and earn profits! Try staking Ethereum and USDT now!

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