We are pleased to announce that the PointPay team has started a collaboration with the Crypto Airlines project. PointPay users will soon be able to purchase the CAIR token on the Launchpad as part of the first private round. The CAIR token is a Crypto Airlines coin and has great potential, as does the project itself.

The Crypto Airlines project focuses on the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in the provision of airline services. In recent years, these technologies have developed significantly and are already competing with traditional banking systems. They will soon become widespread and the new standard in global finance. Crypto Airlines wants to bring these changes to aviation now and is basing its operations on them.

Benefits of the project

The main benefits of the project are:

  • Transparency
    Crypto Airlines intends to be completely transparent to users and investors alike.
  • B2B system
    Companies will be able to get faster services and there will be no need to use outdated and imperfect banking services.
  • Web3
    Built, run, and owned by its users. This is the standard Web3 application that Crypto Airlines will meet.
  • Profit distribution
    As a company that has value and generates revenue, Crypto Airlines will share it with its investors. 50% of the company's revenue will go to investors in the form of CAIR tokens.

In addition to the benefits, the Crypto Airlines project also solves a number of existing problems in the DApp space. Modern DApps suffer from insufficient security of their solutions due to a lack of specialists and knowledge; low quality or limited solutions; lack of legal basis as well as lack of global value.

Problems solved

Crypto Airlines is aware of all these problems and is ready to solve them:

  • Security
    There will be no room for mistakes in the sky or in the applications of Crypto Airlines. A staff of professionals with extensive experience and a high level of responsibility are the standards of Crypto Airlines.
  • High-quality product
    Crypto Airlines plans to create a complete ecosystem in which Crypto Airlines, its partners, investors, and even users feel comfortable.
  • Backed by a foundation
    A foundation will be established to provide a legal platform upon which the entire Crypto Airlines project will be based. This will allow Crypto Airlines to be even more open with our investors.
  • High standards
    Crypto Airlines uses the most advanced solutions and employs only specialists with extensive experience.


The roadmap for the Crypto Airlines project includes a plan up to 2025. This is when the first flights are scheduled to start in cities such as London, Izmir, Antalya, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Moscow.

What’s next?

Stay tuned, we will be announcing details of the token sale shortly, in the meantime, you can read more about the project by clicking below:

Crypto Airlines Official Website

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