Our mission is to create a fair ecosystem where everyone can participate in the digital economy freely and safely. With our customers in mind, we have recently launched the new PointPay P2P Platform.

PointPay P2P is a crypto exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrency directly with one another without the interference of intermediaries. This platform aims to create an easy and convenient way for people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with minimal fees and no third-party involvement.

The PointPay P2P platform has many features that make it stand out from other similar services. You can read about PointPay P2P benefits in our latest article here.

We've put together this easy-to-follow guide on getting started on our new PointPay P2P Platform. Follow the steps below to create your first ad!

How to Use the PointPay P2P Platform?

  1. From the Home page, go to the Exchange in the upper left corner and click P2P.

2. To get started using the P2P Platform, you'll need to add a payment method. Go to the "My Payment Methods" section and select "Add a New Payment Method."

3. You can choose from various payment options, including Payeer, Wise, Bank Transfer, Revolut, and more.

4. To add a new payment method, complete the required fields and confirm.

5. Go to the My Ads section. You will be prompted to enter a nickname and time zone that will appear in your ads.

6. Now it’s time to create your first ad. Press the “Create a New Ad” button.

7. Choose whether to buy or sell your assets.

8. Now you will need to choose a crypto and fiat currency for your ad. Our new peer-to-peer platform lets you buy and sell all cryptocurrencies available in our cryptobank, using 70 different fiat currencies as payment.

9. Then choose whether you want to buy assets at a floating or fixed price. A floating price fluctuates according to the set values, while a fixed price allows you to buy or sell currency at a predefined value.

For example, if you select 105% of the price and the price of an asset changes to 100, your price will be 105. If the price changes by 200%, then the price in your ad will be automatically updated to 210.

10. In our guide, we have chosen the fixed price. You will now be prompted to define that price.

11. Now, enter the total amount of your transaction and an order limit.

12. Define your payment method time limit. Please note that the payment must be completed within the chosen time frame.

13. Add a personal touch by including a description and auto-reply for another party.

14. Then set the date and time for your ad to be online. Choose a period that is suitable for completing the transaction.

15. The final step is that your ad goes live. You can make it active immediately or wait to activate it manually later.

Once you confirm, you are good to go! Your ad will be published and appear in the My Ads section. Please note that you will need to pass KYC in order to complete transactions on the PointPay P2P platform.

Have fun!