Join us in celebrating the imminent launch of the second-level network Shibarium for the Shiba Inu meme token, in collaboration with PointPay SHIB Trading competitions!

The Shiba Inu meme token is on the brink of unveiling its advanced second-level network, Shibarium. This milestone is set to occur shortly after the conclusion of the blockchain conference in Toronto, scheduled for August 15-16.

As communicated by the Shiba Inu developer known by the pseudonym Shitoshi Kusama, the Shibarium release will coincide with the publication of the comprehensive Worldpaper. Additionally, new projects falling under the Shib brand will be introduced, accompanied by intriguing insights into the Treat project.

A significant development accompanies this launch – the official establishment of the decentralized autonomous organization Doggy. This entity will play a pivotal role in funding projects within the Shibarium ecosystem.

This juncture marks a transformative chapter for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, poised to attract a wave of fresh investors, users, and innovators. To commemorate the Shibarium launch, PointPay is proud to announce the commencement of SHIB Trading competitions. Within this contest, PointPay users have the opportunity to engage in SHIB trading, earning rewards based on trading volume. Following a two-week period, the competition concludes on August 28, with the top three traders, ranked by trading volume, earning prestigious PXP token rewards:

  • 1st place - 5,000 PXP
  • 2nd place - 3,000 PXP
  • 3rd place - 2,000 PXP

Participate in this competition, delve into SHIB trading, and seize the chance to win PXP tokens!

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