As part of the cooperation between PointPay and BitcoinZ, BTCZ coin has been listed on the PointPay platform. From February 8, 2023, all PointPay users will be able to use BTCZ for all operations.

BitcoinZ is a project that continues and develops the idea of Bitcoin. The creators of the project introduced the blockchain anonymously, as a gift to the community. The project has no owner, CEO or corporate structure - just the people who run it.

Like Bitcoin, the project is based on the Proof of Work algorithm. At the same time, BTCZ coins can only be mined by using a computer. The algorithm is ASIC protected, which allows ordinary miners to operate freely. Also, the distribution scheme does not include preownership, premine, ICO, instamine and forkdrops. Absolutely all users are on equal terms.

BTCZ has a limited number of coins. The reward for mining, like Bitcoin, decreases every four years. This allows the asset to be deflationary and constantly increase in value.

The reward in the BitcoinZ network is practically zero, because the maximum support of the coin is 21 billion, and the algorithm of formation fees is very sophisticated.

As of February 8th, BTCZ is available on the PointPay platform. This allows its users to use the asset in a variety of ways:

  • Deposit and withdraw BTCZ coins through the PointPay CryptoBank.

Go to the CryptoBank Deposit/Withdraw tab to perform the appropriate operations and select Wrapped BitcoinZ. Before making a deposit, make sure that you have already created the corresponding wallet.

  • Exchange and trade BTCZ on the PointPay Exchange.
    You can trade and exchange BTCZ for other assets on our Exchange. Those who have PXP tokens on their account can receive reduced commissions, as well as pay them in full at the expense of PXP. You can check your PXP level through Account->Settings->Your Level.
  • Store BTCZ in regular and savings accounts.

After receiving BTCZ, it will be displayed in your regular account. You can view it in the Regular tab. From there you can also perform various operations with the asset.

Stake BTCZ for %.

  • Sending BTCZ via direct transfer or email between PointPay users.

    You can withdraw/transfer your BTCZ by specifying another cryptocurrency wallet or by using the Send Cryptocurrency via Email feature for PointPay users. Be careful and double check your input data. Remember that withdrawals require completed KYC and will be processed within 24 hours.

In the near future, the PointPay team plans to further expand the cryptocurrencies presented on the platform, as well as various functionalities. Stay tuned so you don't miss out!

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