Dear PointPay family,

As the week arrives, Black Friday becomes clear on the horizon, signaling the start of our Black Friday Week! Exciting events, activities, and the chance to receive rewards await you! We'll be rewarding in thousands, multiplying, and rewarding even more! No one will be able to stay on the sidelines of this upcoming celebration!

Trading competition (USDT)

Let's begin with the well-known Trading Competitions! We're continuing our series of trading pair competitions with USDT. Your active participation and heated competition for top spots continue to delight us with activity and provide you with the opportunity to showcase your skills and win significant rewards!

Oh, and we're keeping up the tradition of increasing the reward, and this time, it'll be much bigger (very much bigger!)! The exact amount will be revealed in a separate announcement with all the conditions and rules! The competition kicks off on November 20th - don't miss out!

Meme Contest

Elevating the mood quickly are those beloved memes we all cherish. Just a couple of good pictures can brighten up the entire day!

We're confident that among our community, there are many enthusiasts and creators of great memes! Know that this event is specially designed for you! You'll have the chance to delight us with your own memes, and the best ones will reward their creators handsomely.

Stay tuned for all the details in a separate news release coming out in the next few days!

Black Friday makes it double!

November 24th marks Black Friday, signaling the time to make insanely profitable purchases! Naturally, PointPay can't stay on the sidelines and is preparing something special for this day.

We'll share the details at the start of this event. For now, we'll just hint that it will all be connected to our PXP token and staking. Sounds intriguing? Then keep an eye out for updates on our social networks and blog on the website. As Friday approaches, we'll reveal all the details.

Participate in various events at PointPay and make this week truly exciting and rewarding for yourself! Check our blog for more details as soon as we release new event!

We wish you exiting and rewardful week!

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