Recently, Bittrex filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in the United States. This filing pertains to both Bittrex US and Bittrex Malta, which will soon cease to exist from a legal standpoint.

Over a month ago, Bittrex US announced plans to wind down its operations in the US and requested that all customers withdraw their funds from the platform. Unfortunately, not all customers were able to do so by April 30th. To officially terminate the existence of Bittrex US, Chapter 11 must be utilized. This will allow all users to eventually receive their funds under the supervision of regulators.

As for Bittrex Malta, the company had already ceased real operations and was practically frozen. Since bankruptcy proceedings were already necessary for Bittrex US, Bittrex Malta was included in the list to resolve the bankruptcy issue for both companies at once.

IMPORTANT! The decisions to file for bankruptcy and cease operations for these companies do not affect the operation of Bittrex Global, which is the main company. Bittrex continues to operate and develop its secure and reliable platform. Bittrex Global is regulated in Liechtenstein and Bermuda and will continue to provide its services as before, without any changes.

PointPay’s PXP token is listed on Bittrex Global, this means that nothing will change. You will still be able to trade the PXP token on Bittrex without any issues.

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