New trading competitions on PointPay are now available! This time, traders will have the opportunity to trade pairs with BTC! Dozens of pairs on the PointPay exchange are already waiting for those who are ready to accumulate trading volume for a reward.

The prize pool is exactly 1 Bitcoin, which will be distributed among the top 10 leaders! 

šŸ„‡ 0.5 BTC
šŸ„ˆ 0.2 BTC
šŸ„‰ 0.1 BTC
šŸ’° 0.075 BTC
šŸ’Ž 0.05 BTC
šŸ† 0.03 BTC
āœØ 0.02 BTC
šŸŒŸ 0.015 BTC
āš” 0.005 BTC
āš” 0.005 BTC

Put your trading skills with the leading cryptocurrency to the test until April 20th. Join the competition!

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