May is slowly coming to an end, and that means it's time to announce our traditional monthly AMA session. AMA is a great opportunity to get all the latest news not only from PointPay but also from the crypto sphere!

In a live streaming format on our YouTube channel, PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev will share the events of the past month and the company's plans and goals for the near future. Additionally, Vladimir will discuss the most important and noteworthy industry events that everyone should be aware of.

After the news, as usual, Vladimir will focus on the changes that have taken place on the PointPay platform during the month. All the innovations, improvements, and modifications will be presented and categorized by their respective departments. It's an excellent opportunity to get an overview of all the changes if you missed our weekly updates.

Following the review of the changes, it will be time for the most intriguing part - answering your questions! PointPay's CEO will respond live to the questions you can already send using the provided link. We kindly ask that you ensure your questions are relevant, interesting in the AMA format (of interest to many), and clearly and concisely formulated.

We sincerely appreciate all of you for sending in your questions and look forward to the livestream on May 25th at 18:00 CET/9:00 PT! A few hours before the start of the session, we will publish a reminder post so that you don't miss it, along with the link to the livestream.

See you there!

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