Dear PointPay Family,

In just a few hours, our YouTube channel will kick off a regular AMA session. Leading this session will be none other than PointPay's CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev. The live stream is set to commence at 18:00 Central European Time (CET) or 9:00 Pacific Time (PT).

We've already received numerous questions from you and they keep pouring in! Today, the most engaging, crucial, and pertinent queries will be addressed by Vladimir in real-time, allowing us to delve into the answers.

Apart from questions, we're anticipating a wealth of intriguing information! Over this month, we've been witness to a plethora of celebrations, events, and initiatives within PointPay. Each of these activities will certainly receive special attention during the upcoming broadcast. Furthermore, the viewers of the AMA session will be the first to hear all the news and announcements regarding PointPay for the upcoming months - something significant is nearly prepared, and you wouldn't want to miss out.

Adding to the excitement will be the announcement of the winner of the Meme Contest! Just a reminder, the lucky winner will receive 10,000 PXP for their humor and efforts. The CEO will personally announce the winner during the stream, so if you've participated, ensure you don't miss the revelation of the outcome!

Join us and anticipate the broadcast now or set a reminder to ensure you don't miss out!

We look forward to having all of you join the broadcast!

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