Dear PointPay family,

Today, we are thrilled to announce our traditional AMA session with PointPay CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev. The session is set to begin in just a few hours on our YouTube channel, starting precisely at 18:00 (CET)/9:00 (PT).

To ensure you don't miss the live broadcast, you can set a reminder by clicking the link and hitting the "bell" icon. Alternatively, simply keep the tab open - we'll be starting very soon, so the wait will be brief.

What can you expect during the broadcast? We have a multitude of exciting news and announcements lined up. Vladimir will discuss the events of the first month of 2024, share more details about the upcoming Token Swap, including its intricacies and specifics, and also update you on the current successes in the development of the Token Booster platform.

And that's just the beginning; this month featured trading competitions, activities, and significant news in the crypto sphere - all topics that need to be discussed!

Following the news segment, there will be a dedicated time for user questions and answers from the CEO. We've received numerous questions, particularly about Token Swap, and answers directly from the CEO will be provided very soon.

We look forward to having all of you join us for the live broadcast!

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