Dear PointPay family,

Mark your calendars for today, August 31st! We have an exciting event lined up – our regular AMA session with PointPay's CEO, Vladimir Kardapoltsev. Join us on our YouTube channel at 6:00 PM CET or 9:00 AM PT sharp.

This month has been a whirlwind of interesting events, news, and announcements. Now is the perfect moment to dive into it all. We'll be sharing the latest about PointPay's progress, our upcoming plans, and delving into the nitty-gritty of recent events.

Your curiosity has shone through with some fantastic questions. During the live session, Vladimir will be addressing the cream of the crop! From cryptocurrencies to PointPay specifics, future plans, and even the CEO's views – it's all happening today, starting at 6:00 PM CET or 9:00 AM PT.

Your chance to have your question answered isn't over yet. Drop your question in the special form – we're collecting questions right up to the beginning. While we won't be able to cover them all due to the sheer volume, we're dedicated to selecting the most captivating ones. The CEO will tackle these questions not only today but potentially in the next AMA sessions too.

Don't miss out. Set a reminder at 6:00 PM CET or 9:00 AM PT today and be part of the action on PointPay's YouTube channel!

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