The moment is approaching when we will once again announce the holding of our next AMA session! Time flies unnoticed, and here we are ready to meet again to summarize and discuss some matters. The event is scheduled for the last Thursday of the month – August 31st, and it will start at 18:00 Central European Time (CET), or 9:00 Pacific Time (PT).

As always, the host of the AMA session will be none other than the founder and CEO of PointPay, Vladimir Kardapoltsev. And we are already looking forward to this moment because there is a lot of interesting stuff waiting for us! Vladimir will share the latest news about PointPay, talk about our upcoming plans, provide an overview of events on our platform over the past period, and summarize the month. Moreover, you will be able to learn about the most important cryptocurrency news for this month.

And, of course, the most exciting part will begin after the informational section – answering questions from PointPay users! Every month our audience asks more and more questions. After all, PointPay continues to actively develop, enter into partnership agreements, and prepare for upcoming marketing campaigns.

You will have a unique opportunity to ask your question and receive an answer live on the air! However, remember that time is limited, and we strive to select the most interesting and important questions. If you would like to share your question, please formulate it as fully and clearly as possible. This will help Vladimir provide the most comprehensive and precise answer.

To ask your question, simply follow the link below:

We preemptively thank everyone who has submitted their questions. We also invite all PointPay users to join us at the AMA session! Don't forget to mark August 31st at 18:00 CET, or 9:00 PT, in your schedule and tune in to the live broadcast on our PointPay YouTube channel!

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