Attention, PointPay users! On June 29th, we successfully completed the 25th round of PXP token burn, marking an important milestone for us. This event symbolizes the beginning of the second half of 2023, promising a plethora of exciting developments ahead!

In this round, PointPay once again increased the amount of tokens burned. A staggering 3,200,000 PXP tokens were incinerated during the 25th PXP token burn!

Source: Ethereum transaction hash

This burn undoubtedly supports the impressive growth that the PXP token has experienced since the global update, further solidifying its position in the market. We are thrilled to witness the continuous ascent of the PointPay exchange in various rankings, accompanied by a steady influx of new users who can enjoy the enhanced interface and functionality.

To date, a total of 169,501,906 PXP tokens have been burned since the launch of PointPay, where 44,400,000 PXP tokens burned after the ICO phase. This significant number continues to grow with each subsequent burn.

As a reminder, PointPay's burn policy entails less frequent but substantial burns. We plan to conduct them only a few times a year, with each burn progressively increasing in magnitude! Rest assured, the next burn will witness an even greater number of tokens being burned, benefiting the PXP token and its dedicated holders.

We express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and utilization of PointPay's services!

Best regards,

PointPay Team

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